July 1, 2021
July 1, 2021 Life Design Yoga

We’re taking the step further during July by building on our awareness of the breath and focusing on finding lightness through connecting each asana with purposeful movement of energy.

As we become more familiar with what grounds us in our asana practice, we explore where we can bring in a sense of fluidity and flight.

To fully articulate a pose, lightness and stability are essential. A good foundation gives room to go further and expand out from the core.

Core encompasses abdominal, back and shoulder muscles, as well as hip flexors. The strength from this region is the anchor which lifts us into flight when engaged fully.

Once we relate the experience of strength with lightness on the mat, we peel away layers of prejudices about how our practice should be.

We slowly let go of fear but not in reckless abandon.

Incremental changes lead to big realisations, we slowly become less forceful and rigid in our ways. We start taking on challenges objectively, giving ourselves the space to act (instead of react). We find strength in our resolve and intention, yet calm and gentle in our words and actions.

Let July be the month of discovering ease and freedom in our movements as we connect to this sense of power through lightness.

“When an asana(pose) is done correctly, the body movements are smooth, and there is lightness in the body and freedom in the mind.” BS Iyengar