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Looking to accelerate your yoga practice?

To get the physical, mental and spiritual benefits from yoga, you’ll need to FEED your practice.

FREQUENCY is key. Much like eating a salad once or twice a week won’t make you healthy, there’s a huge difference between the yogi who practices twice a week vs. the one who practices regularly.

EFFORT is a requirement. A genuine well-constructed yoga class will challenge you physically and mentally yet leave you more centered, flexible and strong.

ENJOYMENT. If you enjoy your practice, you’ll be able to stick with it and cultivate it into a habit. If you don’t, your practice will stagnate, and it will become the least of your priorities.

And DISCIPLINE needs to be attained. Your mind is very strong and will often try to talk you out of practicing. If you’re a good-weather yogi (someone who only practices when they feel like it), then it’ll be unlikely that you’ll be very successful with your practice.

About Us

You win half the battle by getting on your mat (in the comfort of your home). We help with the rest.

At Life Design Yoga we offer daily online classes that are convenient to jump into at various times of the day, giving you the opportunity to practice daily. Squeeze-in a class on top of your regular schedule either in the morning, during a lunchbreak or in the evening. (frequency ✓)

Our yoga sequences are crafted by experienced teachers that have our students safely push their boundaries while they receive real-time feedback and encouragement. (effort ✓)

Each of our classes are live which makes it unique because every interaction is different. This engages you and gives you a sense of connection as you are part of a collective effort. (enjoyment ✓)

As opposed to on-demand (which are pre-recorded classes), our classes are happening in real-time. This creates accountability. You feel committed the moment you arrive on the mat. (discipline ✓)

Come feed your practice and witness the results for yourself:

Find out about this month’s sequence or simply join one of our classes. We look forward to seeing you on the mat!

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Meet Our Teachers

Dannii 01B

Dannii Jordana

Dannii’s interest in sports and physical fitness has shaped most of her life. Of Bulgarian and Greek origin, she came to London in her mid-teens and embraced its diverse spirit. Prior to focusing on yoga, she trained in power fitness for six years and was featured in Women’s Fitness magazine in 2014. In her mid-20s she was introduced to Jivamukti yoga and this opened a whole new world. Finally, Dannii could combine her passion for health and fitness with the spiritual powers of yoga, where the mind and the body together create an equilibrium. Dannii completed her 300-hours Jivamukti Teacher Training at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies in the United States and 2 years later completed another 200hr Sangye Yoga School Teacher Training.

Dannii deeply believes in the transformative power of Jivamukti yoga and its ability to bring harmony, health and happiness to all.

The classes are dynamic but also creates a safe space of healing, joy and transformation in body and mind.

Nicole 03

Nicole San Jose

Nicole’s classes are inspired by several different styles of yoga including Ashtanga and Dharma. Her teaching style is gentle yet encouraging – always challenging her students to find their edge in a safe environment. She sees asana practice as an integral part of yoga but also acknowledges that it is only the tip of the iceberg – there is more to discover.

With her experience in the corporate world, Nicole understands the pressures of a busy schedule and equally appreciates how vital the tools of the practice are in managing stress. Her intention is to create space for students to explore the asanas as a gateway to (re)discovering themselves.

After practising for many years, Nicole completed her first 200 hours teacher training with Yoga London. On the journey for more knowledge, she also completed a second 200 hours teacher training with Sangye Yoga School.

Nicole expresses gratitude to all teachers and students who shaped her understanding of the practice and are her source of inspiration.

Stephen 04

Stephen Singh

Stephen believes getting on your mat is to take an important stand for your day; to reconnect back to source so our true nature and purpose is more easily expressed. He aims to empower people to gain freedom from limiting patterns held in the body, mind and breath using the yoga system.

He sees himself as a simple guide than a teacher, helping people tune into their own intuition. He encourages them to take the process and themselves lightly; to enjoy the dance between discipline and letting go.

He initially completed 200hr teacher training + 60hr Yin training with Sampoorna Ashram, but continues deeper studies of the 8 limbs of yoga from respected sources. Though he enjoys the many practical benefits of yoga, his own practice is spiritually driven.

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