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An Introduction To
The Dharma Sequence (20mins)

Welcome to Life Design Yoga

Our live online classes by experienced teachers create accountability and connection whilst pushing your practice and development to a whole new level. All this from the comfort of your own home, either to begin your yoga journey or complement your existing practice method.

You win half the battle by getting on your mat.
We help with the rest.

At Life Design Yoga we offer daily online classes that are convenient to jump into, giving you the opportunity to practice daily. Squeeze-in a class even as an addition to your current yoga schedule. (frequency ✓)

Our yoga sequences are crafted by experienced teachers that have our students safely push their boundaries while they receive real-time feedback and encouragement. (effort ✓)

Each of our classes are live which makes it unique because every interaction is different. This engages you and gives you a sense of connection as you are part of a collective effort. (enjoyment ✓)

As opposed to on-demand (which are pre-recorded classes), our classes are happening in real-time which creates accountability. You feel committed the moment you arrive on the mat. (discipline ✓)

It’s simple to join one of our classes. We look forward to seeing you on the mat!

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What Our Students Are Saying

Daria M.

A wonderful class, especially for a Sunday evening. I really enjoy the long stretches and yin is guaranteed to give you a good night’s sleep. All the teachers are excellent and very knowledgeable. Highly recommended.

Ewa T.

Amazing yin and vinyasa practice time after time. Love you guys! <3

Laurence B.

My favourite class because Nicole has this unique approach which makes me feel stronger into my body and my mind. It is a journey into yourself.

Anne Y.

Excellent yoga classes. I feel so much better after joining the classes in January. Vinyasa and Yin classes are fantastic. Need make time for meditation classes as well.

Katya O.

These classes continue to push and challenge me whilst at the same time I feel able to take them at the pace I feel is right for me on whatever day I practice. Thoughtful teacher, thoughtful class.


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