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Corporate Offering

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Staff Wellbeing Strategy

Embrace a new era of employee wellness with our user-friendly service and corporate packages designed for the evolving workplace landscape.

In the past, onsite weekly wellness activities were the norm, but the rise of hybrid work models has led to a decline in participation. We’ve adapted by bringing our entire catalog online, except for exclusive in-house workshops arranged upon request.

Life Design Yoga offers a seamless, adaptable, and engaging experience, allowing your staff to enjoy our sessions from wherever they feel most comfortable.

Our wellbeing programs are crafted to combat stress, boost focus and productivity, and provide a serene mental space — all integral to a thriving workplace.

The Power of Live and Virtual:

Live sessions foster authentic interaction and guidance, vital for feeling connected and accountable in one’s wellness journey. Consistency is key, and our live classes make it easier for individuals to establish and maintain a routine.

For those who may be hesitant to participate in group settings, our virtual classes are a perfect fit. Employees can join from their personal sanctuary, with the option for privacy by turning off their cameras.

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