We're here to help support your staff well-being strategy

Corporate Offering

Our 'Staff Well-Being in 2022' Information Sheet

We’re offering a simple-to-use service and corporate concessions that provide high-value towards employee well-being in our changed work environment.

Traditionally, companies run weekly well-being activities on site. Attendance to these activities have been impacted because of the prominence of flexible ways of working.

All our classes are online from our virtual studio, except for when we arrange special in-house workshops.

Life Design Yoga is easy to use, flexible and engaging – giving your employees the convenience of attending our classes from the comforts of home.

Dealing with stress, increasing focus and productivity, and calming the mind are a few of the many benefits of a regular well-being practice.

Why live and virtual?

The essence of having classes live is very important for the genuine nature of interaction and instruction. This helps people feel present, engaged, and builds accountability towards their practice. Building regularity to a practice is one of the biggest challenges people face.

Virtual classes are also beneficial for employees who feel apprehensive doing any physical activities alongside their colleagues. Attending virtual classes in their own space via zoom can be more appealing to them.

Our invitation

If your company is looking to further support its well-being strategy, we’d like to invite you to a free two-week trial. In this period, your employees can participate in a dedicated weekly class and see the benefits for themselves.

Some of the options that might be appealing to you:
Allocating a weekly class for your employees. (evenings are the most popular time)
Offer your employees a corporate discount (15%) so they have the flexibility to take any classes that suit their schedule. They can conveniently book these using our Online Platform or App.
A combination of the above two options.
In-house meditation and breathworks workshops.

Interested to start your journey with us? Send us your details and we’ll be in touch::