Your Morning Meditation Revolution


Unlock clarity at dawn with FocusRise breathwork & meditation

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, finding time for meditation can often feel like an uphill battle. It’s one of those transformative habits that’s easy to push aside for more immediate tasks or when mental clutter takes the front seat. But just as a salad twice a week doesn’t make for a healthy lifestyle, sporadic meditation won’t unlock the profound benefits of a consistent practice.

We understand the challenges of integrating meditation into a busy schedule, and we’re here to change that. Our weekday meditation practice is designed to help you start your day with a moment of peace, clarity, and connection.

What sets these sessions apart?

Real-Time Guidance (not pre-recorded): Experience the unique presence, connection, and commitment that comes from participating in live online sessions.

Efficiency: We value your time. Our aim is to make each moment of your practice as effective as possible, maximising the benefits in the time you have.

Your Morning FocusRise Ritual

Breathwork: Each session begins with a short breathwork exercise, such as alternate nostril breathing, to centre your mind and body.

Guided Meditation: The core of the session is a gentle guided meditation, inviting you to observe your body, emotions, and thoughts in a supportive and non-judgmental space.

Embrace the power of consistency each morning
and let us help you set a positive tone for the rest of your day.


Is it okay to do the session with my video off?

Certainly! If you feel that having your video on would be distracting, feel free to join the meditation session with your camera disabled. You will be able to participate fully. The choice is yours; it’s all about what makes you comfortable. Keep in mind that the meditation leader may not be able to give you as much personalised guidance or interaction since they won’t see you. During the meditation, we recommend closing your eyes to enhance focus. Once you’ve listened to the initial guidance, visual connection with the facilitator or other participants is not necessary.

What is the optimal sitting posture?

The preference is to sit comfortably cross-legged as a way to maintain focus and achieve a deep meditative state. Start by choosing a quiet, peaceful spot and place a cushion, block, or folded blanket on the floor to elevate your hips slightly; this tilt helps maintain the natural curve of your spine. Gently fold your legs into a simple cross-legged pose. Ensure your knees are at or below the level of your hips to reduce strain. Sit up straight, elongating your spine, but avoid stiffening your back. Your shoulders should be relaxed, and your hands can rest comfortably on your knees or in your lap. If you feel any discomfort, adjust your position or use additional support under your knees or buttocks. The goal is to find a balanced, comfortable posture that allows you to focus on your meditation without being distracted by any physical discomfort.

If sitting cross-legged is for any reason too uncomfortable, then please find any seat that works for you.

Can I eat or drink prior to the session?

Certainly, it is acceptable. Since the breathwork involved is gentle, there’s no strict requirement to fast beforehand. However, we recommend minimising or avoiding stimulants such as coffee before the session, or gradually reducing them over time if possible.