Stephen 07
Stephen 07

Stephen Singh

Stephen envisions the yoga mat as a profound platform for daily renewal — a place to realign with one’s core essence and to engage with life more wholeheartedly. His teaching philosophy centres on empowering individuals to become their own guiding force.

His approach invites students to attune to their inner wisdom, exploring the multifaceted dimensions of yoga to discover a personalised practice that resonates. With a light-hearted embrace of the journey and a spirit of play, Stephen encourages a balanced path of self-discovery.

Blessed with opportunities to learn under esteemed mentors, Stephen has woven their teachings into the fabric of his guidance.

His sessions take an uncomplicated approach. Guiding simple, yet effective techniques that work their magic over time.

Nicole 03
Nicole 03

Nicole San Jose

Nicole’s classes are inspired by several different styles of yoga including Ashtanga and Dharma. Her teaching style is gentle yet encouraging – always challenging her students to find their edge in a safe environment. She sees asana practice as an integral part of yoga but also acknowledges that it is only the tip of the iceberg – there is more to discover.

With her experience in the corporate world, Nicole understands the pressures of a busy schedule and equally appreciates how vital the tools of the practice are in managing stress. Her intention is to create space for students to explore the asanas as a gateway to (re)discovering themselves.

After practising for many years, Nicole completed her first 200 hours teacher training with Yoga London. On the journey for more knowledge, she also completed a second 200 hours teacher training with Sangye Yoga School.

Nicole expresses gratitude to all teachers and students who shaped her understanding of the practice and are her source of inspiration.

Emily 1
Emily 1

Emily Lacy

Inspired by a desire to make the philosophical elements of yoga understandable and accessible to all, Emily is a specialist in the Jivamukti Yoga Method – a dynamic practice founded in 1984 which is credited with widening yoga’s appeal. Its name is drawn from the Sanskrit word that means ‘to live liberated in joyful, musical harmony with the earth’.

A generous and engaging teacher with a down-to-earth, relatable approach, Emily creates an inviting space for anyone entering this challenging asana practice – a practice intended to improve how we interrelate with others, as much as to stimulate energy, strength and flexibility.

Within her sessions, which are similar in form to vinyasa, the integration of breath and movement is supported with chanting, alignment exploration, meditation, relaxation and ancient philosophical teachings.

Ignacio 03
Ignacio 03

Ignacio Milano

Ignacio is a certified yoga teacher and completed his 200-hour training at Sangye Yoga School. After graduating he went straight into an apprenticeship with Cat Alip-Douglas. He teaches an Ashtanga Vinyasa influenced form of yoga that combines physical, ethical, and spiritual practices.

Ignacio comes from a corporate finance background, a fast paced and highly stressful industry where you can very easily lose touch with the more genuine realities of life. Yoga quickly became Ignacio’s outlet and helped him build strength both emotionally and physically and navigate the daily life and work challenges. The practice also awakened his passion for becoming a teacher and sharing the multiple benefits of yoga with his students.

He is passionate about anatomy and the physical benefits yoga brings and loves tailoring the practice to help his students reach their goals.

Oriane 1
Oriane 1

Oriane Tourny-Torode

Oriane has been sharing her passion for yoga for over 15 years. A passionate advanced yoga teacher and certified functional medicine coach, her creative teaching style is intuitive, based on 20 years of dedicated yoga practices and several in depth courses as well as teacher trainings.

She shares the devotional Dharma yoga tradition while integrating elements of health coaching and philosophy. Each of her practices is an experience that integrates various pranayama breathing techniques, Yoga asanas, meditation and a deep relaxation that transports you through the layers of koshas’ consciousness.

Oriane studied Dharma yoga with Sri Dharma Mittra as well as other styles under the guidance of world-renowned teachers such as Michael Gannon, David Swensen, Kin Mc Gregor amongst others.

She is a certified Dharma Yoga teacher (500hr). She first qualified as a Yoga Instructor back in 2004 doing Ashtanga / Vinyasa yoga.

Originally from France she shares her life between Africa & London and loves teaching online!

Tiril 1
Tiril 1

Tiril Gardaa

Tiril experienced her first yoga-asana class in 2012 but was conscious of a higher dimension to life already as a child; yoga has helped her making better sense of it all. Tiril completed her first teacher training with Stewart Gilchrist and continues to study, practice, assist and teach under his guidance.

With a background as a bookworm, horse trainer and fitness enthusiast, Tiril has experience with not reaching and opening, with stumbling and falling, and getting up again, experiences she can share with her students, helping them break through barriers of body and mind. Tiril teaches a strong Yogasana class and believes in exploring the edges of our physical existence to find alignment and balance within, to live better in the world outside. Tiril is not so worried about how we look on the mat, what matters are our intentions, and the discipline and ability to love the practice regardless where it takes us; manage that, and the practice will take us just where we are supposed to be.