Dharma Yoga

Meet Your Dharma Teacher:
Oriane Tourny-Torode

An Introduction To
The Dharma Sequence (20mins)

Dharma is a complete practice that encompasses breathing, physical postures, meditation and relaxation in order to achieve radiant health, a peaceful life and, eventually self realisation. Dharma Yoga is traditional, yet contemporary - perfect for the fast-paced world of today.

The physical Dharma practice tones and invigorates the body and mind, leading to enhanced flexibility, strength, balance and concentration. The breathing exercises regulate the heartbeat, de-stress the nervous system and calm the mind. The guided deep healing relaxation relieves tensions, slows down the thoughts, and recharges the physical body.

The breathing is soft. The hip openers, back bends, inversions and balances unique, creative and inspiring. Dharma yoga merges everything together to channel you towards deep realisation of the Universal Consciousness: “I am you, you are me”. ``Imagine you are everyone and reaching everywhere”.

The Dharma practices have opened my heart in many new ways, cleared impurities, negativity and addictive behaviours. Have made me kinder, compassionate, curious, balanced and acceptant. It goes way beyond the challenging physical asanas. That depth of connection and understanding is here for everyone.

Classes will be a gradual exploration of breathing techniques, original Dharma Series and guided Yoga Nidra.

Welcome all to the world of DHARMA.